I wouldn't use the term fashion forward to describe me. In fact, fashion-missed-the-boat would be a better phrase to use. Right now, it seems like I'm a little late trying to jump on the fashion boat (again!)before it set sail because every darn website I've looked at are sold out of these trendy New Balance sneakers in my size. Pffffttttt....... What. The. Fudge.

I've sneered at the socks with heels trend. I looked at the whole coat/jacket on shoulder trend and deemed it pretentious (yes, I was pretentious to try it too but hey ho, it looked good in photos, right?). "The sneakers with every outfit" trend is the one that I'm embracing wholeheartedly. I've been harping on about trendy and comfortable footwear since the inception of this ol' blog of mine. I simply cannot walk in heels and it's just not practical especially when I have to dash from place to place.

Ever since Garance Dore's stylist friend, Viviana Volpicella was mobbed by street style photographers wearing the brightest Nike sneakers known to womankind with her equally colorful outfit, we were instantly enamored. Never mind that we often make fun of fellow tourists wearing their sneakers everywhere in Europe. It's not a case of reinventing the wheel. It's about making the wheel flashier and putting them on a sleek Porsche rather than a Ford Fiesta. And boom, suddenly what was once unfashionable has become stylish.

Personally, I prefer the slimmer and sleeker New Balance 420 sneakers because the bulkier ones remind me of my backpacking days when my elephantine Pumas were just an extension of my feet. You've probably noticed from the photos above that I'm rather obsessed with black and burgundy, both of which are rather difficult to get hold of at the moment. The cheapest place to get New Balance happens to be Nordstrom. So if you live in the U.S........lucky you.

What are your thoughts about these New Balance sneakers? And if you own any, are they comfortable? What about size wise? If you happen to stumble upon a pair of burgundy New Balance 410 or 420 sneakers in size UK 3/ US 6, please pleeeeeeeaaaaase let me know (the cry of a desperate woman).

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