For all of you still trying to wear your Ugg boots to school pick up or even out shopping, this post is for you. I’ll be the first to admit that parting with my Ugg boots has been hard. They are so comfy and easy to slip on as I’m running out to school drop off. But once the kids are in school and I start trying to assimilate into an adult world I look down at my feet and think “Man, I wish I had on different shoes right now.” So what is my new Ugg boot alternative . . . the New Balance sneaker.

For the past few years athletic wear has been acceptable to wear with a full face of makeup and no intention of working out. The idea of active wear without working out was introduced through the casual look of the Ugg Boot and then really emerged with the growing popularity of Lululemon. Much like people found it acceptable to wear a hot pink Juicy Couture terry track suit to lunch because it was $200, people are now using the same justification when they wear their $98 Lululemon pants to coffee or more (no judgment – I am writing this post in Lulu pants and have zero change of doing yoga today).

The New Balance sneaker is a great way to transition your soon-to-be out of fashion atheleisure wardrobe into more tailored outfits. If you are still in the mood for those stretchy pants, try them with a New Balance sneaker and a jacket. If you are over wearing workout clothes without working out, try a New Balance sneaker with jeans and a sweater. Whatever the outfit you are creating, a New Balance sneaker probably goes it. And definitely goes with it a million times better than an Ugg Boot ever will. Don’t buy it yet, just check out this curated collection of to die for New Balance sneaker looks and you’ll be a believer too.

I love when someone has the fashion confidence to pair two things that wouldn’t normally go together. check out this menswear inspired look with a tux jacket, classic channel bag and pop of color from purple New Balance sneakers.

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